Going public (IPO – Initial Public Offering)

We advise you on the complete organisation when you go public (IPO or listings), meaning we can offer all services under one roof together with our partners.

  • Assistance with the business plan and equity story
  • Selection of the emporium and market sector
    • Regulated Market (General Standard or Prime Standard)
    • Regulated Unofficial Market (Open Market, Entry Standard)
  • Compilation of a securities prospectus / stock exchange admission prospectus/ listing exposé
  • Negotiations with the supervisory authorities and market operators
  • Selection of the bank accompanying stock exchange admission
  • Preparation and implementation of the stock exchange admission process
  • Assembly of market makers / provision of a designated sponsoring

Shell company

A shell company enables an alternative means of going public without the long-winded, complicated proceedings of the traditional IPO process. The entrepreneur controls the concept of going public itself and is not dominated by banks, advisors, lawyers and auditors.

Shell companies offer the entrepreneur a high degree of independence from its credit-providing banks through a quick and easy path to the stock exchange, and enable direct access to the capital market, and therefore the acceptance of interest-free share capital (equity capital).

A shell company also enables a clear increase in the popularity of the company through its future positioning in the capital market.

Omiris is your reliable partner for procuring shell companies. Apart from the purchase and sale of shell companies, we also offer investors an integral consulting service before and after the acquisition of a shell company:

  • Selection of a suitable shell company
  • Advice and assistance in the subsequent corporate action
  • Expansion of the listing to further stock exchanges

Corporate Action

We organise and assist in corporate action for both non-listed and listed companies. Below is a brief sample of our range of services:

  • Capital increase from authorised capital
  • Capital increase from contingent capital
  • Capital reductions with subsequent capital increases
  • Corporate action as part of staff participation programmes
  • Measures associated with the purchase of own shares

Apart from the pure corporate action, the issuing of profit participation certificates can also be of interest, depending on the corporate strategy. We can also offer complete advice here.

Company valuations

In the area of valuation services, Omiris capital market experts assist you in all queries and problems regarding an effective company valuation.

The valuation of companies, individual business areas and management units gains central importance when it comes to company transactions. In doing so, it is not just the transaction-based company valuation that is in focus, i.e. determining value when a company or part of a company is purchased or sold, but rather also a company valuation which is important for sustainable value management in terms of value enhancement for shareholders. Company valuations can be necessary if market prices fall or must be assessed for eligibility. An important issue here is whether the value of a company is equal to its price. The value is produced based on the valuation with all influences and displays an objectivised basis; however, the price is generated from the supply and demand.

The valuation of companies or company units will take place via a number of different methods: traditional income and net asset value methods can therefore also be regularly applied along with the discounted cash flow model (DCF) or market value methods.

Capital market services

Omirs offers professional advice, planning and implementation of general meetings of listed and non-listed German and European public limited companies, among other services. When it comes to practical and legal organisation of general meetings, the company proves its specialist expertise with a huge number of successfully held general meetings.

Furthermore, we offer extensive consulting and monitoring regarding the observance of transparency and publicity regulations, as well as value generating capital market communication.

When dealing with individual queries, there is, of course, also the opportunity to structure and implement customised seminars and coaching.